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Interesting Drag Week rules

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  • Interesting Drag Week rules

    I was reading the rules and found a couple that will not affect me but could effect some cars I know of

    Both of these are for street race class

    •May not have intercoolers or water tanks aft of the firewall. So no water tank in trunk for liquid to air intercooler?
    •Turbochargers may not be located aft of the firewall. No squires turbos?
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    Re: Interesting Drag Week rules

    This is all part of their effort to make Street Race look a little more like "every day' bolt on muscle cars, especially for the Power Adder class.

    I think they were concerned that everyone would look at that totally cool Procharged Malibu that went nto the 7's and think 'why bother". Hence, Street Race, Super Street Race and Modified.

    As to the Squires deal, best to ask as that seems like something that might just fly.
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      Re: Interesting Drag Week rules

      I just think the intent is to keep the intercoolers/turbos/piping/etc out of the passenger area and trunk.

      A rear-mount STS turbo kit would probably be fine since they are offered as kits, but it is always best to ask beforehand.
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