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Billet electrical firewall connector....

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  • Billet electrical firewall connector....

    I've always struggled to make a clean firewall pass through so I came up with this...

    The long side faces inside the passenger compartment, once fully assembled its waterproof. The connector itself is made by delphi. The connector is 30 position with 6 10 ga and 24 14-18 ga positions.

    If there was enough interest I could offer them up.
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    Re: Billet electrical firewall connector....

    Interesting. Maybe the flange could be thinner and wider, so it would be easier to attach to sheet metal?

    Also check your wording, something about the sentence "The mount here." doesn't make sense somehow.
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      Re: Billet electrical firewall connector....

      Nice piece. Those Delphi wire plugs work really well from my experience. I'm thinking it would be nice to have a screw or rivet hole on each short end just to fasten the whole deal to the firewall - so a little bump on each end with a hole thru it.

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        Re: Billet electrical firewall connector....

        Or sandwich the firewall material with matching size flange on the inside with blind tapped holes for the visible part in the engine compartment so there would be no visible screws or bolts. Good fer the guys who know how to make a clean engine compartment, run neat wiring etc. Which pretty much isn't me.
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          Re: Billet electrical firewall connector....

          I like that idea. No visable screwheads. Put 4 #8-32 screws in from the back. The back flange could be used as the drill/cutting template then too.


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            Re: Billet electrical firewall connector....

            Billet electrical connector

            Someone asked for a kit price - includes

            25 14 ga terminal - male
            25 14 ga terminal - female
            7 10 ga terminals - male
            7 10 ga terminals-female
            60 wire seals
            billet mounting block
            billet backup flange

            $150 + shipping anywhere in Canada or the US