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    new restrictor (return line)

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    on the original attempt at a return line, this was before getting it at the bowl, I found this check valve in a vacuum line. Gas proof of course. works on low psi. less than a pound. Car ran with it. the error proved to be return line needing to be after the float bowl gains priority, not before.

    I thought it may be too big of an opening. not acting as a regulator enough. I added some piping I found in the chevette carb. pressed in, then quickly lit with a bic. this should restrict it to just right..been messing with different sizes. A .035 mig welders tip is in the return line now, and the bowl gasket told me it is still getting quite a pile of fuel in a hurry...freakish.

    this will do it. Still no regulator needed.

    seems as though, I am tuning this into a two barrel with no needles on the jets. more than a coincidence. that is what kind of carb was in it.

    this will also add one way into return..can't surge back at the carb.

    This photo captured all the intersections of the fuel lines going by each other.
    check valve restricted, installed into return line. I found it acts like it is starving more than before. although a whiff of fuel goes with it when the hesitation happens. An emulsifed odor, not a straight shot leaky one. This is good news. my carb tuning nose tells me. I am assuming it is choking on aerated lines. I blew into return line and found that the .035 did not fill it, it gave it an air bubbled spray. Not check valved, it sucked this back into engine when it needed to. I am forcing the hard line fuel now. Something is much tighter with the gasket for float bowl..just going to force a runtime. I wonder if this tortured monojet ever ran proper, tight into its channels. the float bowl gaskets are freaking terrible. it is all there correct now, plenty of fuel. engine sounds terrible. needs an oil change. the front side of carb has control valve for vent can hooked up at carb, and the top vent that would normally return under full vacuum into the air duct (slow that crazy function down).

    I will feel bad if I blow it..but a sacrifice had to happen. the gewkster hooked it up carzy. I am just getting it right the american way 25 years later. it is useless describing how tough that really is. if a chunk of valve breaks off and pulverizes the whole thing, I will laugh.
    I got it to pop, biggest ever..this means moving more than ever. the vent can having a real function must be full of a change temporarily right now. the hesitation seeming a bit more elongated..but the engine climbs it. Something familiar about will come to me. I know to just drive and run it. get some good oil in quickly. clean the reusable filter out...

    edit: this did work. quick snap of reality in these retarded city streets.
    Since this posting, I have found the brake booster is very strong.strongest I have ever felt. The guess about air holes for idle were correct,old bowl gasket could not do its job...for years and years. the hitachi was the same..but intermittent. the lucky seat to air loose must have been the lack of venting getting its way. So that is how the original setup did not become a complete bomb..only became a little one. An error got its way to correct when it needed to. I guess I deciphered the past with a current problem, building it on your own can do that. generalize 100 other cars with just one.

    I got a whiff of the old gasket. that is some kinda power getting kicked out. off-idle to partial is existing. I give it a thumbs up..I am real curious about the other end. top end runout. Seems it is all there, thinking the needle over as much as I have. I am in a place that has 3 nanoseconds for error. People climb out of the woods to go through these streets of the only city. the accidents are funny when no one is hurt.
    hesitating throttle is not an option. diesel thump of an old boxer to a scream not much heard of in the northwest USA woods wth lift kits and dangling EGR fungus.

    how in the hell did they not see F1 in a self balanced short stroke, liquid cooled all aluminum boxer?
    no rocket scientist needed.

    just going to let it sit around, give it another long run again in coming weeks..funky thumpy sound the little engine makes... I love it.
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    • Re: attacking a monojet

      pcv, oil pressure and choke

      getting into final things. green on the trees. above freezing (at night we still get frost into the morning sun)

      time to get after little things.

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      the little hole that gets covered next to the pressure relief bolt, and glimpse of the spring. even on the old pump, the old line of where bolt ended showed how much was covered. this one ran perfect. the HG fail sent some casting sand into the shaft and it became sloppy. with stuff spewing everywhere, including out the oil dipstick, boiling..I could here fires in places that should not have had one. I pulled it into the garage on two cylinders and oil pressure at exactly 43psi..right by their book. amazing misproportion? no way. they need to do this for every machine.

      I think the pump could do four v8s all at once.

      oil pressure works via an external mounted trochoid. A robust one at that mention. I dropped the pressure relief bolt (it actually is a regulator) behind it is a spring and cup. I analyzed the old pump in the parts bin for the 100th time and still confuse myself without the manual right there with arrows and diagrams.
      I found a problem with relief bolt that holds spring in, it takes up what would be on the backside of the cup. A little passage way partially covered by the bolt itself screwed in too far. I remember tightening that in a maine version of tight and killed the washer and dug into the pump hole. this means fluid motion going jerky, if that passage is too tight.

      spaced the bolt away from pump more, gave it all the opening it is worth, this gave the fluidity I was looking for.

      what does this have to do with a monojet? the pcv out the other end of our engine sucking on everything also pulses to whatever the pump is doing... more than the carb throttle. so, this is the last helper for that. next is just engine too old to run.

      got a cold start by making choke tighter shutting. I forgot to monitor that as weather warmed up. Being so tight with fuel, I may have to do that several times again until june 21st.

      no pops thru the carb, hesitating yes, but no pops. this means it is just shit that has to go. At least it is moving to the exhaust side after getting incinerated for whatever the fires worth. the wheel bearing venturi and pc grate did indeed resemble the plenum these run with a little more than what I had cramming wide open cold into it.

      I have revived 21 years..but 25. this is new stuff, some of it. even anti enzyme in the coolant. All cold climate. alaska to maine. wow. the knowledge would leave engineers thinking the stuff they make is in fact a tubers to go hug their mom like they do their honda...and put the overglorified flunk back in the effeminate mans closet.
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      • Re: attacking a monojet


        the people showing up for a street race illegal thread. got me thinking of inspection stickers, exhaust, tires..emissions, other legality.

        although maximized in every way, the project in this thread is setup exactly like a singular fuel injected 1993 subaru loyale..with a mm or more gained in the right spots, and back to no computer. all natural.
        compression way over the beginning, and a lift on the cam gained not really known. way more than a tenth. joking of .550 lift and a smooth idle..

        I found many errors by manufacturing.

        the vent can for used to open at a certain temperature..and get hard sucked into the intake. that is not survivable in all scenarios ..when a heavy salt is dissolved on a moist day. I found a way to make a separater, like the air intake box does. a spot to pause, let the heavies fall. that is not only safer...this allows for vent to never stop functioning from startup to shutdown. no extra gadgets needed. they must have done the gadgets from factory making the cars run good while salesman and customer are around it.

        nothing man makes is perfect. it is the dark side of deciphering the disappointment, simply setting up fuel air for modern use.

        I even run a catalyst convertor that functions.

        this setup is not only goes several steps beyond. fail proofing the old mistakes has been a blessing to take on. the extra power gained, is simply extra necessary.

        if you want to go transcontinent 5 times with it..have at it.

        I would love to try one of those machines that measure output levels to gain inspection. california crazy version.

        funny enough. this car cannot do the sporty mufflers. the decibals could twitch eyeballs. the after twacks of letting off equally unpleasant. the ebay fart cans found on nearly every ricer F1 wannabe is not an option. I run a full chambered walker turbo muffler at $19.95, welded to stay weld is probably the 200 dollars they are getting at magnaflow.

        you have really built an engine, when the exhaust is a fight to keep quiet with normal stuff. the screws in the dash of your counterbalanced engine will let you know when you got it.

        power numbers don't matter.

        the output does.
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        • Re: attacking a monojet

          79 to 80 jet differences

          I forgot to mention the jet differences, what was noticable.
          the 80 jet needed a .25 turn in on idle screw. timing sounds advanced now..the pitter pattering tease. thta is its best idle. could be main jet ready to rip into a fuel delivery with enthusiasm. this is good news.

          this may be the engines normal, it is old.

          choking the cai by a few mm was the correct thing to do (the wheel bearing race and fan grate). normal carbs wide open no plenum or plenum on top of carb, use the choke venturi at the carb of course.. I turned the carb into two feet cold. Needed some extra think.

          I also found the 3inch Hg number was a wide open throttle test by engineers. so 250 cfm is way under rated when you go beyond it with cool density.

          it is no wonder I am reaming a #80 jet..going beyond normal numbers. (80 is supposed to be this barrels big one). finding the monsters they crammed to death on the 250ci engines was a tragedy. the giant jets belong on a propane setup or somewhere else.

          a real shame what they did to this carb..rochester knew what they were doing. GM demanded it do something insane.

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          oil pump.
          Here is the strangest error, more an anomoly. created a snappy twacker at the oil, along with pressure cap not spaced enough. Both sending units plugged in was not a good idea.. I finally plugged the little sending unit today (the left one in photo) with a hard steel plug. one less springy thump.I guess this was designed to ground one item as well. both units are 1 wire gadgets. The pump in car is baked, painted, very hard..can't be the slob of squishy japanese alloy they played with anymore (I love what I did to it).

          I use pcv connections as oem type balanced. it works. nothing into atmosphere. the problem is oil system can encounter fuel system and try to own a squirt or two of throttle. thumpy little timers have to go...

          I want modern. I am sure I got it.

          this really does get precise.
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            part throttle screw

            I don't know why they call it the part throttle screw.

            "the part throttle metering orifice” screw. I found the little chevtte carb had the same screw. no change n taper, threads, length. The chevette carb was brand new, so I took the screw out and swapped it into the car’s truck carb.

            upon further analyzing.. I did miss something. the size of that hole in this chevette carb is at least 70% smaller than the one in the car now. I turned screw in all the way, let it out 1/2 turn. I used to have it at 1.5 turns. No leaks, I won't have to cap it. can get at it for future adjusting easier. no difference in runtime yet to notice. A longer run in coming days. something is stuck in something, valves rapping. This is even more MPG, the tighter I can keep the screw in.
            I had an intuition that the truck carb unscrewed itself behind the permanent cap. after drilling cap to get at screw, I noticed it was way out. wherever the truck carb came from seriously must have been single digits mpg dumping fuel all over.(truck carb simply refers to the 250ci, the exact serial number for my carb puts it in a camaro straight six)

            edit: the cold start. best one yet. that is about all I noticed so far. I did not go to full warm, or even drive..just cold start.
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            • Re: attacking a monojet

              jet tool

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              the secondary screw seems to want to play a precise game. I took 12 seconds out and rummaged through my pc parts bin. amazing the stuff 12 years and 7 obsolete computers gather when you build them yourself.

              cutting four notches to find quarter turns, the back extension is removable for easy turning.

              upon cold start progressive port kicks in at 2k rpm, I noticed the engine really wanted to react to that..teasing itself. kinda funny, it remoinded me of the yoy yo sound a supercharger teases with. I have one part of ignition timing (double dighram) on the progressive port.

              I am expecting a bat out-of-hell mid range feeling that out, but can't try it just yet.
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              • Re: attacking a monojet

                little shaker

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                I found this tiny hood scoop on ebay for 6 bucks. After washing the asian dyssentary off it was alright. threw it in the pile with the rest of ...tiny.

                maybe I can do something with my ol rotted hood, half a sauce pan and make a little shaker.
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                • Re: attacking a monojet

                  hp calcs + goals

                  the other more important reason for swap to needle and jet carb (not restricted to monojet, there is alot of others) is more air down low for a launch that already needs a stage 1 clutch even as factory.

                  a quote from edlebrock about their carbs (monojet is same mentality):

                  The first one is that they use metering rods to transition between circuits. They are unaffected by engine backfires, which means that there are no power valves to blow out, and the rods can be changed in seconds without carburetor removal or fuel draining. Secondly, they have the unique ability to "hold a tune", so once they're tuned, they stay tuned.

                  boxers of old are like that. The problem is the other end, top speed for this particular car. lack of timing, or as most oem years of boxers..the air flow is tighter than..not much known to man.

                  a simple is 13s quarter, 130s in the mile. watching the slipping clutch version of these with a 5psi turbo get into 110mph and 14 seconds was an epiphany.

                  timing is there, compression, clutch was the demise of this whole line of cars locally...thanks to spec for making one to more than humor it. this left fuel air only. who is more robust than american on the subject?


                  a boxer has strnge number slike this as well. the mph exceeds the hp number in factory chassis. A hint of the nonwobbling "mystery"

                  ..and this is while having a rock air fuel curve near 30mpg.

                  I may be swapping a head soon, but it seems trivial with as many times as I have taken these go kart sized engines apart.

                  future is just laying it on, go with what may fail next. have not yet tried any real power as a racer would. I still do not know how to launch without a bouncing throttle rally car sound...but learning.

                  60mph is under 8 seconds. that is a good start. figuring that one out had a jet that ran out at 80mph, and a part throttle screw so far open, there were realms with fual making no sense at all.

                  stay tuned. A place where the little monojet is big.
                  as of now, the silence of me and getting after this little sube has a thought the passenger head is just outright bad. I have moved the casting with head bolt torques. blown headgasket to the point of thermite igniting. I know how to milk it..but today, the lift over half inch, bigger everything. I just drive it noisy valved and slow poking. it may yet conform again. what makes it hard is in place..the monojet is one the ingredients to dry a grotesque oem design out.

                  some say everything runs the greatest before it fails. To me? that needs heat bordering 1400F..and some morphing luck.
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                    revealing the cam

                    I shot up to station..handed over four dollars for...
                    1 gallon.

                    I can smell the bad gasket that came with carb in the tank as I pulled cap off. It makes eyes water. this did fade away. return line is very smart. the boxer just don't care.

                    with the partial throttle screw in to just .25 turns out..narrowing a battle of air fuel since the dawn of throttle valves.

                    A bellow that put a smile on my face. that sound we all know. I did get it correct now. First I heard of it that stable. I donlt know the other end yet..but can tell it is working now at the venturi. I must have been riding the idle circuit this whole time. It only took 8 weeks.

                    mounting an alloy in a maine februrary and demanding subatomics with home made needles was pushing boundaries.

                    one new anomoly, and have to stay with it. I revealed the cam is indeed an overlapper. bumpy choppy idle. that is where it needs to be to gain the partial throttle onto clean bellow of engine demanding. Change it to big air idle...fights with the emulsifier main well. Interesting tidbit.
                    in a way I am glad that happened. the previous carb had no needles, simply slobbered the idles to the point of missing.I was truly wondering since last september install how cams that large lobed on solid lifters gave a perfect idle...then die on throttle.

                    the term "pull up the cylinders" is a boxer statement. I guess I just learned it.

                    I got the needle and seat tight enough to tell me what the engine is. Now I was simply slobbered.
                    valves quiet again..previous plans of loring and being the slow vehicle there is tempting..again.
                    not intimidated. I have seen the other 1.8L super stoichers.
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                    • Re: attacking a monojet

                      copper chloride

                      the professor (I watch all the time) made another vid tying into what I had going on here with the carb.

                      hydrochloric acid is typically used on copper carbonate..but just a battery, table (road) salt, and a cathode anode route can make something this powerful.
                      I did it on purpose in a plastic bowl to kill the metering needle. liven it up out of the sloppy past.

                      if you ever notice your old fresh rochester staying warm without the choke..and it is not the engine doing it... this is the reason.
                      yet another reson to keep a return line functioning.

                      once upon a time (my old sube is one of them) they used a dip for chassis very close to the strength of hydrochloric acid. Add air channels that head towards a carbs intake..and well, you have an 87 subaru brand new.(my car was sincerely a brain melting killer) I found a dip puddle in a sealed spot at 23 years old.

                      just one of those rare dangers, my car had it.

                      too old now, it is just usa steel and 80kpsi weld beads to kill it.

                      rust and holes is your friend. can anyone see how?

                      anyway..a further defense for carbs..everything that surrounds them was not proper. Return line missing is by far the most bizarre feat of cheapskate shipped EVER.
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                      • Re: attacking a monojet

                        spun crank pulley

                        if unfamiliar with the old sube engines..they spin the pulley off after finally making them humanly compatible for real world. exceeding 140 ft pounds with the current setup was not hard to do. One bolt, no sheer pin/lock pin.
                        I made one out of brake line. drilling pulley exact. I found a pin inside one of the timing gears behind it..but crank pulley was never machined to accept it.
                        Name:  3a3f495d8861f3638c9dc3878ede7c20.jpg
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                        flared end flat, counter sunk pulley to flush. the bolt covers it to holds it in from coming out. the flare keeps it from sliding all the way into timing gear.

                        clever. the cost was... my time.

                        Name:  fc0d2c5b52a30bc46c69f65032a73499.jpg
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                        this is the side that catches the timing gear hole. the timing gear of course has a key to lock it onto crank. Pulley simply bolts into center of crank.One bolt, a tight fit groove, Nothing else. The two together should be plenty. The turbo engines had 181 ft pounds. they must have done something similar to keep it together.

                        this happened on the highway. wrist pin sounds too floppy to stay running cvilized. original engine may be coming out very soon. Kinda sad.

                        I have had this wrist pin overheat snap before...waited for full cool down, and it cryogenically healed itself. I don't know if that will happen this time.

                        this related to getting a big proper mix from the monojet. Never did get to lay on power at high speeds, but it is robust. this tease is keeping me motivated for such an uninformed little boxer.

                        part throttle screw back to 1 turnout. so, I tried .25, half, 1full, and 1.5...
                        watch 1.25 be the just right answer.
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                        • Re: attacking a monojet

                          blown engine

                          Life is over for the original engine. rod came through the casing. not hitting a water jacket..steam came out. #1 cylinder jug was the culprit. I assume to find a crack at the base..been fighting with a mystery there since I got it. Now I know what it was.

                          the carb has no errors after all. the hesitation is a base hydrolock sponge. pcv is willing...but it adds pressure as engine winds up. explains the perfect oiler reading low as well.

                          towed bright and early..swap quick to a hundred dollar engine with 98k. the color told me everything. this next one is much stronger. I will play with the hydraulic version of lifters until a complete engine is found again.
                          this makes 8 cylinder heads and cams sitting around...hmmm. I think I can narrow down the weakness for the ea series. even the pistons and rods can move on.

                          shamefuly losing a casing is big dollars for these apparently. my only regret. although a pile of mush.. I could have roasted it at 500F for 5 days in the oven..or maybe a little less.

                          I'll have to keep an eye out for another one.

                          a tidbit of info about the ea82...
                          1985-1987, they are all bad. its the alloy..horrifying emission plans.

                          Name:  24f99592b072cb7ea3402e2869e7ea67.jpg
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                          this a chunk of what I blew today. 1987. if they compressed it is as much as the rod squeezed out the slag would be a forever perfection. but no. the first gens had some real losers. Aren't I lucky. I think there is one part aluminum..the rest is stuff a casting pour spilled on the floor. it was the type of engine to wait a loooong time for cold start precision, and oil pressure..while having no errors to find. it was the kind of casting to find mysterious puddles of oil on top of the engine. The last time I did this.. it was to a 70s 350.

                          1988 to 1990, hit or mis..old pile ofmush, or a shade of tough freaking blue. first to 200k local.
                          the whole world is not drenched in seattle rain to keep the orignal alloys going.

                          1991 to the end. All good. all loyale. you can get some weirdos.. like an A0 turbo cam and an A1 on the same engine (they still goofed in the parts )
                          only makes it fun.

                          it is to say, without dissing on subarus evolution. I worked an impossible. a very first generation, cam lobe misaligned (yes manufactured that way) little ea82...into 25 years. maine helped. the pile ofmush probably liked the invisible steam sometimes. the 669 mile trip. I knew it was its last. I blew the engine where it sits. this is the real subaru stories of tough, I was happy to prove it. A real engine needs a real crank. seems to be analogous to something chauvinistically true (I will get photos of it on tear down).. A cummins 350 is still 100 times tougher..I can't fall for the hype in any gas engine.

                          this engine that blew..with water pump removed and oil pump. two gouges, half mooned in the block side of the seats..the engine and its origin was hit hard enough to cockeye the whole thing..and it ran for two more decades as it morphed its way back to a concetric 43 pound wheel.. (there is a mystery in 1990 for my sube- even the odometer). this car also has a bullet hole.

                          not here to dump on a brand. a builder finds good in anything.

                          a guy I was renting a room from.I got a call from him ..the loyale 4wd, asked me to push it home, rapping real loud. guy weighed 300 pounds.
                          engine blown, near 300k miles. I never forgot that. he has since passed on, like the old sube.
                          that one event kept me going with this junk pile. poverty does not care for much..what happens when you can?

                          it can be said for alot of things.
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                            newer engine installed

                            I took valve cover off..get a look at the dismal thoughts of future. The pain of my motivation and the last five years for one little engine almost had tears in my eyes.
                            this is the last generation engine I remember. somethng larger everywhere I looked.

                            115mph with simply a CAI and the hot maf still roasting its imperfect algorithm.
                            the sweet spot tell all today was making a round hole for the mandrel two inch it is sleeved, I pop it in like a lego. the holesaw bit removed next to nothing.
                            the old engine? I had to fight like hell and ream more than the width of the still have an ID, less than the ID of 2 inch piping. pathetic..
                            be careful with the forums out there on suby knowledge. the last 3 years of ea82 by a dealer , in a as close to revised to sane as it gets..and subaru is still not talking about it.

                            looking forward to the real fuel delivery with a real disty..
                            that last EA82 engines only flaw, and it was a heartbreaker. the monojet should get that easy.

                            the engine did not even care if it sat on a pallot in the back of the garage...outside. blowing the seeds off from little field mouse, I slapped it right in the car.

                            the strange odor I blamed the monojet for was a porous block..not the carb. it is reassuring to know the carb is in the lead. if the block is goes bye bye. the ridiculous game of no end and no beginning is finally over. the monojet helped. Somethng has got to take charge, pun intended..I choose air fuel.

                            carefully put the stage 1 clutch in (about 1200 miles on it), a new oil pump seal..needed nothing else.

                            waiting for continuity..matching pegs on a suby bellhousing is not like gm or ford or dodge.. they are playing with less than .5mm error. I had to wait 30 minutes before the rumble in my tinnitus ears let me know it was good to go. tightened bolts in. this will get same headers, carb etc..disty, coil as what I was running.

                            Tomorrow gets runtime..yes with the monojet.

                            wish it some luck. although..the ea82 never uses it.

                            this will be kepping hydrailic lifters.
                            I also noted there are millimetric gains everywhere. I got that close to my old failed engine to notice.

                            the heads have a number 12 stamped on them, my old ones a number 8.
                            the bigger the number the better.

                            I also ouffed oil pan back out with a wooden handle, gave it a rib and round spot..make a backbone instead of a dead pan.

                            the finale for the other one, seemes to have started with a pickup tube grommet. it was blown right off the side. that was not the error however..a sucker should not be a blower. it was getting over ruled in an oil channel someplace..compression. bad block. no rebuild...and it did that for my 5 year with it.
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                              good news

                              the build is complete, swapping things around. this is the best runtime I have ever heard. hydraulic lifters are your friend. oil pressure is 65 nominal. the clutch fan never shuts off.One happy floating engine. swapped distributor out, noticed it has a different angle. the engine takes up more room in the bay. I don’t even know what to think of the engine that was in it. Nuclear deformation? I think subaru really has a forgotten version of ea82, and I was running it. good riddens.

                              new engine fired right up. Little bubbles of hitching incomplete..keeps right on firing. Monojet is awesome. I thought it was the cams that gave it the motorcycle sound, but is indeed the monojet paired up just right to that intake. the first twenty miles home had the entire blown engine in the back in pieces. ..and I finally got to grabbing the spare steering rack. roughly 300 in steel weight with my tools. little sube was sagging. plenty of power. the clutch fan that does not want to stop is reassuring. reminds me of a tractor trailer.those wheels are awesome when car is sitting that low. looks like it is a faster car squatting down.
                              anyway, long two days…

                              An ode to my welds as well as the spare engine: it hauled its own junk pile home.
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                              • Re: attacking a monojet

                                first ride

                                cold start, still stubborn. I am at a stand still on what to adjust now.
                                the runtime, watching oil hit 85psi like my other ea82, was a relief.

                                speaking of relief. I forgot a valve cover bolt, found a shot of a couple of tablepoons of oil and thought..oh no.I used one bolt last year on the old engne..forgot it was not there.

                                but it was just the bolt. being the farthest spot from the oil pump. I probably gave it a blessed purge from the past.

                                a freak trick I learned for the outside of engine is straight brake clean. it is as if the outside of engine is terrified of everything that tried to kill it. the pile of mush for an engine these turn into is horrifying.nice to see some actual white rust, oxide of very dry.

                                air fuel just right..sounds a bit like a motorcycle.

                                away it goes.

                                the heater works nearly right away and gets very strong. temps very good on gauge. I proved to myself the original 85-87 block is very bad...missing a channel alignment, or same simply fails from the inside out, so very slowly it is torture. The chemistry ought to be illegal. so elusive.
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                                "Everything is on earth practically. All the good stuff." - Scott Kelly