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April Volunteers - Please Read

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  • April Volunteers - Please Read

    (Looking at the floor in defeat) -
    I have to admit technological defeat and throw in the towel on posting a questionnaire on here and having you guys respond in a PM. I tried - I REALLY did.

    The best way seems to be to have you each send me an Email at <[email protected]> (so I have a current address for you) and I'll send the questionnaire back to you. I'll send it in 2 formats - Word and Pages (a cheap MAC only program). Whichever one works for you do a "Save As" to your desktop , fill out the form, and send it back to the same Email address.

    This is WAY more involved than I planned on it to be but it's the only method that has worked for the Guinea Pigs who have tried it. Sorry for the hassle.

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    Re: April Volunteers - Please Read

    Maybe I shouldn't chime in here since I won't be there, but what about the folks who do not have/do internet or are not on this forum? There are some in in both of these boats.
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