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Old Drag Strip Pics.........

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    This is what I call a real racecar!
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      this thread reminds me of an email alert I have in google search..
      photos winterport dragway 1994 (maine)

      at the time, a friend had his bike in the 4 seconds. he gave me some of his fuel, being a newb, All I knew from advice (by another chevelle owner who recommended me to the track)to show up with more than half tank because of the spew on fast take offs.. it surged anyway.

      someone caught my boat twisting a wheelie...spewing fuel. I remember the camera flashes.
      would love to see that scanned digital.
      I never have been to a drag strip since...and the car was in a perfect tow truck heist, never saw that agin either.
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        Finally got the scanner to work. Here are some photos from some of my dads old cars and some of my cars. I know this is suppose to be a dragstrip thread but WTF.

        This is was my dad's chevelle that had a supposedly pretty wild 396 in it. The car is long gone.

        My dad's Willy's that was sold for $600 in like probably almost 1980, my parents were flat broke. We needed food....I would have went hungry to keep it. I remember playing in that car when I was little all steel except for front end and rear fenders. Dig the paint job, and headlights. I really miss this car. As it is and always will be my dream car.

        If you look close you can see a portion of the Willy's but how about the Nova and 40 Ford my dad had. He traded the 40 for a 327. The body was in perfec shape with no rust. And how about the old chevy truck in the back ground.

        Here are some pictures of my dad's Nova at the dragstrip circa late 60's early 70's dig the fender flares and aluminum G60 slots. He still has this car and has replaced the quarters back to stock.

        This for me is the one that got away. It was a 66 obviously with 49,000 on the clock when I got rid of it. It was a 194 six w/ a powerglide. Had every piece of documentation you could want window sticker, owners manual, still had the plastic on the backseat. True little old lady car, traded it for two 67 Novas. Pictures of one of the Nova's will follow the pictures of it. You will see how bad I screwed myself. Don't ask me why I did this.

        This is the one vehicle that got me more girls than any car I have ever for some reason girls around here loved this truck. No joke. Note the 55 in the lower left, the sweet 90 lowered full size chevy and my 66.

        Another shot of the chick magnet. The truck in the background was a 77 one tone with a flatbed and 44's with a very healthy 400 small block. The truck had like twelve inches of cobbled up lift. Made that flatbed real useful.

        One of the 67 Nova's I traded my 66 for.

        The 355 that I put in the car, after I fould out the motor that was a screamer that came in the car really had a twisted rod.

        And lastly a picture of my car getting stripped right before it got painted this hideous teal color that I am embarassed to post pictures of.

        I know this thread was for dragstrip photos, but just wanted to share.
        great photos bro ..thanks for posting