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Shipping magazines for the troops overseas

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  • Shipping magazines for the troops overseas

    I'm cleaning out some magazines and want to send them to the troops.

    Is anyone on here directly involed with any of the donations programs?

    Has anyone ever used these people?

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    Re: Shipping magazines for the troops overseas

    No. I used to give mine to a friend who volunteered at the local VA hospital.
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      Re: Shipping magazines for the troops overseas

      the best way to distribute them - give them to anyone in active service. I have several friends in the Navy - and I've actually gotten emails from enlisted guys thanking me for sending them to the ship... which I never did - but the guys would take them with them, then leave them - and they get very read.
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        Re: Shipping magazines for the troops overseas

        I take mine to Ft. Sam,local to me, and drop them off at the patient library.
        You can no longer ship them "to any sevice member" .
        Call your local Red Cross they may have an address for you.
        Go to a local recruiter they may be able to help too.

        The problem with magazines is they are heavy,but they do fit in a flat rate box,but you must have a soldiers name to use it.


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          Re: Shipping magazines for the troops overseas

          One thing you could do is call the APS unit in Charleston SC or Dover DE, talk to their 1st shirt, Chief or Commander and see if there is any room on a pallet going to the sandbox. Charleston was my last base, and we shipped everything to Iraq for two years while Dover was rebuilding their cargo terminal. It would be a simple thing to put a few boxes on a pallet going over there. Everything going over there goes through those two ports. If I was still working I would put them on a pallet for you and make sure they got somewhere that guys will love them. Most of my connections are gone now, people getting out, not coming home and just losing touch with them takes its toll.

          Scott AFB just outside St. Louis is HQ for AMC, Public Affairs would be a good place to start there.

          Alternatively, you can drop them with any USO or VA clinic/hospital because all we have to read at most of them is stuff the secretaries dont want anymore. Mostly its Family Circle, Better Homes, and stuff like that.

          When I was stationed at Rhein Main near Frankfurt GE, all my car mags would show up months late, dog eared, with stuff circled and cut out of them. There is no shortage of gearheads in the military that would love to read all your old mags.