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A Trip to the Vet

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  • A Trip to the Vet

    This will be an entirely too-long story about a 1-minute event.

    Spankie and I went on a real adventure yesterday, a trip to the veterinarian's place. The dog store. To get the rabies vaccination and a toe nail clipping.

    We loaded up into Red and away we went.

    Here's where it goes South. We live in Cleveland. Just to the north of us is Charleston, a nice little place that has a policeman.

    There used to be a publication, a newspaper, in Cleveland. It was free. They came around and threw the paper into everybody's driveway until they finally had to stop because some folks complained that it was a littering issue.

    But in that publication they had a special feature named "Creep of the Week."

    People sent in letters and they printed them, rants and raves mostly. It didn't matter what, they'd print the letters verbatim. Like, "What were you doing when I seen you at the laundromat last Tuesday?" Uhhhhhh, I was doing laundry.

    One of the stars of that particular section was the "Crazy-assed white-haired cop in Charleston."

    Yep, Barney Fife personified. On the sign at the fire station one time he put up the message, "The speed limit is 35. Fines start at $135."

    So from all of that I fell into the belief that the crazy assed white haired cop was just that.

    But yesterday I got to meet him in person. Spankie was done with his vaccination and toenail clipping, and we were at the counter waiting to pay. In comes the cop.

    He had his gun. Cop. Always on duty.

    He leaned down and let Spankie sniff his hand. I said, "Spankie's deaf and blind." The cop said, "I LOVE animals. It sure is good that you are still taking care of him."

    But he sure was waiting in the weeds on the back road Thursday when I mashed Red's gas and raised hell up the hill. He didn't have quite the right spot. I saw him sitting there before he had the chance to radar me. Brakes. Hard.

    But there's a human in that cop car, there sure is.
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