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Curt George Memorial MoPar Weekend / Hemi Showdown Pittsburgh

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  • Curt George Memorial MoPar Weekend / Hemi Showdown Pittsburgh

    A further update ****This applies to the Hemi Showdown on Saturday, June 16*****

    In an effort to really hit the ground running for the Hemi Showdown on Saturday, all the Hemis running the Hemi Showdown will have the entry fee waived courtesy of Bob George Racing & Bud's Auto Sales.

    Normal entries will be required, though, for all other classes one wishes to compete in. Pre entry for the Hemi deal is not required, but if one decides to come and mix it up with the boys, send me a private message and we'll get it posted.

    This is shaping up to be a pretty decent event, let's have some fun.

    We have over twenty commits now, some of the best NSS cars in the northeast.
    Again, pre entry is not required....feel free to show up at the last minute and get involved.


    Generation II (426 series) Hemi only
    A, B, or E full bodied cars
    Carburetors or Fuel Injection (Electronic assisted permitted on 65 AFX cars only, provided it appears and functions as the original mid sixties units.)
    Normally aspirated only, no alcohol, no nitrous’
    No Electronics, trans brakes OK.
    No Chassis cars
    Any Rear suspension
    Period correct hood scoops only, SS, early Pro Stock; no lump or modern style "aero" scoops.
    There may be some small adjustments to the rules as time goes on.

    Minimum ET 12.00
    Must dial to the nearest tenth
    All cars must meet IHRA Safety Rules Requirements for speed/et

    Winner $1500
    RU $750
    Plus money to semis, other goodies to be named later.

    1965 Altered Wheelbase B bodies clones welcome, even original AWB if someone has the hootzpa to run one. Electronic assisted fuel injection permitted on those cars as long as it appears and functions as the original 65 A/FX units.

    My friends at Accuweather in State College guarantee good weather, so be there or be square!!
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