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  • Fuel system surge tank

    Based on comments in other fuel system thread, I thought I would ask for info on mine. I am building an N2o street strip engine. My original intention was to use a surge tank so that when I went racing, I could turn off the pump from the big tank, drain the surge tank and refill it with racing gas. That way I don't have to drain the entire big tank.

    However, with all the comments about fuel temperatures, I am concerned that the fuel will heat up too much during the road miles. So my question is- how do guys that run serious N2O use a second tank- as a surge tank or as a stand alone tank that has to be valved into the normal fuel system?

    Also- I know a couple of guys on last year's drag week ran second tanks and Larson (so I have heard) uses a split cell. How do these guys switch fuels? Manual valves or a second set of pumps and check valves?

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    Re: Fuel system surge tank

    Randal (TSB) was talking about doing something like this or may have already done it.

    Ford trucks give you what you need for dual tanks if you want remote switching. The two in-tank pumps are supply pumps, the high pressure pump is upstream of them. On that setup, I'd consider how much gas is still in the fuel lines, and that your return line will put Gas A back into Gas B's tank when you switch them. Not a problem when it's all the same fuel, but something to think about when you've got two different fuels.


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      Re: Fuel system surge tank

      My EFI surge tank only holds a quart of fuel, so I don't think it applies here,. Mine is meant so I don't lose fuel pressure turning and braking with the EFI.


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        Re: Fuel system surge tank

        This question gets complicated quickly depending on 1) how much N/A power you make, 2) how much HP do you intended to spray 3) what fuel(s) do you intend to run 4) are you willing to run two tanks and fuel systems? 5) Carb or EFI? 6) How big a deal is weight?

        Surge tanks which are usually for EFI engines generally require a lift pump to get gas into the surge tank and then the the EFI pump form the surge tank to the fuel rails/regulator. All of which needs to be sized to reflect your WOT fuel requirement. Lots of folks run a single fuel system for carbed N/A and the N2O system assuming a typical single stage plate set-up. You can also run a dry N2O system with EFI and a single fule system by factoring in biger injectors and having two fuel and spark maps.

        You mentioned a dual tank set-up. I tried this last year at DW 11 as a BB/NA, but never fully sorted it out. This year I'm adding an Aeromotive sump to my 20 gal stock tank. Some day I'll do a real main tank fuel but the whole setup is $$$$.

        I additon I have this 5 gallon cell I added last year using extra lines, ball valves and some ugly under car line swapping to run with five gallons instead of twenty. We may or may not have had fuel heating issues. (see this Scott Ligget's turbo fuel pump thread) but with the weight gone the car spun the tires and we never got to make chassis adjustments to off set the weight change. In fairness we also removed the exhuast system (70#'s) and the back seat and passenger seat (85#'s) trying to chase the ET of the guy we thought was leading the class.

        This year I'm looking to run Street Race BB power adder with a wet N2O fogger setup. As my engine is EFI and after consulting with Jesse at Aeromotive I'll run the engine on the newly sumped stock tank which should be able to run with 7-8 gallon's total in it and use the five gallon cell for the nitrous system. I have two A-1000 pumps already, one was a spare I had repaired years ago so I'm not spending much more to do it.

        I'll run VP NO2 nitorus race gas in the little tank and pup gas in the main unless we get past a 250 shot and then I'll have to blend race gas with the pump gas in the main tank. Fun huh?

        If I end up running N/A i'll use the little tank and drain the main tank for weight savings as I can easliy swap lines under the hood as both the main and N2O systems are #10 return style set-ups. Or maybe pull the N2O system all together and see how low the main tank with sump will run without losing pressure. All this to be tested this spring and Summer.

        I have no idea what anybody else did as we never had time to look.


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          Re: Fuel system surge tank

          Fuel supply, fuel heating, over heated thread which is right below at the moment.